I remember as a kid watching the show "Welcome Back Kotter" with a long haired John Travolta, and a hilarious cast of mis-fits. Of course I was to young to get most of the jokes, but the premise of the show was a group of kids that were always messing up, but had good intentions. One of the characters Horseshack played by Ron Palillo was the 70's version of Screach from the show "Saved By The Bell", dorky but lovable.

Like so many actors he was typecast as this character for the rest of his career, why most people had not seen or heard of him since the show went off the air.  I wonder If John Travolta looks back on that show and cringes, or just realizes it was his big break and all you can do is sit back and laugh about it . Here is a clip from one of the shows. You gotta love the clothes...Wow!