The Minnesota Vikings are prepping for a season (hopefully) while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vikings Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman gave Peter King of NBC Sports a tour of the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center where they clearly have a very comprehensive plan to deal with the virus.

Most of the changes have to do with social distancing, so meeting rooms that would hold 100 players and coaches, now have room for 50, workout areas where the entire team would be working out on equipment, now only a limited amount of players can workout and all equipment must be sanitized before the next player jumps on.

TCO Performance Center has the one-way hallways in effect throughout the facility and a new check-in procedure for anyone who enters the facility that they can complete on their smartphone.

The team is trying to keep as much in house as they can, so they've set up makeshift examine rooms using curtains so players can have their start of the season physicals without leaving the building.

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In the video below you'll also get a look at the new helmets with extended facemasks that cover the whole face, and you'll see the electrostatic cleaning machines they are using on equipment throughout the building.

Foodservice at TCO has also morphed into something new, gone are the buffet-style serving stations, now players are quickly served up what they want by the chefs, or they can use an app to order ahead and just quickly pick up their food.

It seems like they are doing the best they can to control the virus within the building, its when players leaving the building is where the problems get introduced, so hopefully, players are smart and avoid the public as much as they can during the season. SKOL!


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