Eagles are beautiful and majestic creatures, but they are also very large and powerful birds that have been known to think small pets are dinner. Stories of eagles attempting to steal a small dog or cat aren't hard to come by, but it isn't often you hear of an eagle attempting to pick up a kid.

As a Canadian family enjoyed a day at the park, a golden eagle spotted a young child and thought he had found dinner. Beside being shaken up a little, it appears the kid is OK. Be sure to watch the video to the end, there is a slow-motion replay that shows things in a lot greater detail.

UPDATE: Video nerds around the web started scrutinizing the footage, suggesting it is fake - the work of some video pranksters using computer graphics to create a viral video. Watch the video BELOW the first video for evidence this footage is fake.

Watch a Golden Eagle Try to Pick Up a Small Child

Watch Evidence of This Video Being Fake

Notice that while the child and eagle are disconnected  the child appears to raise higher off the ground before dropping.







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