If you use Google Maps on your smartphone you may notice a fun Easter egg when you cross the border into Minnesota or Wisconson.

Google Maps recently added a little cartoon of Prince to welcome you to the state of Minnesota. You'll notice it on the bottom of the screen when the Google Maps voice says, "welcome to Minnesota."

City Pages reached out to Google and a spokesperson said, "We're always looking for creative ways to surprise and delight our users on Google Maps."

They also have something to delight users coming into Wisconsin, a green and yellow Packers fan complete with a cheese hat and football pops-up when crossing the border into the state.

Google Maps has a variety of these greeting icons for several states, Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz welcomes visitors to Kansas, South Dakota has Mount Rushmore and Illinois features an icon of President Lincoln. You can see more of them here.

Google Maps State Icons

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