Selena Gomez indicated that she was letting music simmer on the backburner while she focused on films, including the much-buzzed about ‘Spring Breakers,’ an edgy flick where she plays a co-ed who gets into some trouble.

Turns out she is missing music and plans to start recording again sooner than later and she wants Fun. and her bestie Taylor Swift to be a part of her next album.

At her fragrance event at Macy’s in NYC over the weekend, the singer, who posed with a pair of little cuties wearing t-shirts telling her to ditch her BF Justin Bieber in favor of their handsome selves, Gomez spoke about her future plans and they involve music. She told MTV, “I finished three movies this year, so I’m very happy about that, because it’s exactly what I wanted: I wanted to do film for a little bit. But I am missing music, so we’re going to start on the fourth record at the end of this year.”

Sel also confirmed that the new music will be “very different” from ‘When the Sun Goes Down,’ which was full of saccharine pop. Just like she chose to do different film fare that allowed her to shed her good girl image, she will do the same with  music. She further explained, “I want to go for producers that probably wouldn’t want me to do their songs. I just want to knock on their door. I also want to work with Fun. I want to work with just different styles of music.”

In addition to attempting to set the world on fiiiiiire with fun. and wanting to have musical fun with fun., Sel will likely have an easy time getting Swift to partake, since they are BFFs and likely has her digits on speed dial.

“I also want to work with Taylor, too,” Gomez said. “So I just want to do different things for this album.”

Sel acknowledged that she is growing up and needs to progress and evolve, admitting, “By the time it comes out, I’ll almost be 21, so I want to be able to — wow, that sounds really scary! I want it to be older.”

All we know is that we cannot wait to hear it. Looks like Selena Gomez can’t escape music’s magnetic pull.

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