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How You Can Star in Selena Gomez's New Beauty Campaign

Selena Gomez's new makeup line, Rare, is launching at Sephora this summer — and her company just put out an open call for fans to star in the first campaign. Not only will you get to star in a commercial if selected, but you'll also be among the first to test products from the beauty line. You can apply here via Rare Beauty. Good luck!

The Average Person's Dream Wedding May Surprise You

Here are the most common things people mention when they're describing their dream wedding, via Yahoo News:

  • An average of 92 guests
  • Held on a Saturday
  • A "modern" theme
  • White, black and blue colors
  • The top three flowers are roses, tulips and lilies
  • Black tie optional
  • A live band
  • Chocolate cake
  • An open bar
  • All speeches under 10 minutes

38% of Americans Say They Won't Buy Corona Beer 

This is a very unfortunate time to have the word Corona in your brand. 38% of Americans say they wouldn't purchase Corona beer under any circumstances because of the (very much unrelated to beer) Coronavirus outbreak. Another 14% say they wouldn't order a Corona in public. And according to CNN, the brand's stock has dropped 8% after consumers' intent to purchase the beer fell to its lowest level in two years. (via CNN)

Twitter Got Fooled!

A 17-year-old teenager from New York reportedly fooled Twitter by creating an account for a fake politician and getting it successfully verified as real. This kid said he was bored over the holidays and decided to test Twitter;s verification system. He created an account for Andrew Walz, a politician who identified himself as a Republican running for Congress in Rhode Island. His supposed campaign slogan was: “Let’s make change in Washington together." He submitted the verification application and got that shiny blue check everyone so desperately wants. (via People)

The Oprah Winfrey Show Is Coming Back!

It's been almost ten years since Oprah's show ended and now it's coming back as a podcast. Every single episode that aired on TV will be uploaded in audio form. The first ten audible versions will be released tomorrow, and then after that episodes will be released weekly. (via Baller Alert)

Tommy Pickles Has a TikTok

The woman who voiced Tommy Pickles from Rugrats has a TikTok. She uploads videos with her daughter all the time and we can't stop watching them!

Selena Gomez's Best Red Carpet Photos

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