Halloween is all about having fun and getting candy. However there’s some houses that you should probably avoid while trick-or-treating this year in Duluth.

According to city-data, there are 17 registered sex offenders living in Duluth as of October 26th, 2021. The ratio of all residents to sex offenders in Duluth is 5,059 to 1.

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The interactive map at City-Data.com shows where all the registered sex offenders in Duluth are located. However, there are eleven addresses that couldn’t be displayed on the map. While not all of them are registered for something involving kids, it’s still probably safest to go ahead and keep the kids away from these houses this Halloween season.

Of course, make sure you check your children's candy no matter what houses or neighborhood you go to. Also be aware that some houses might not pass out candy or some might require masks when you go door to door. I know my friends set up a trick-or-treat chute for their house this year and I'm so excited to see it in action. Have a fun and safe Halloween and hopefully the Duluth weather cooperates this year!

Alternatively, you could check out my 5 hotspot neighborhoods that I used as a kid to get as much candy as I could! I even highlighted the streets I used in the gallery below.


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