Want to have a spirit with a spirit? Want to hang out with the ghost of a little girl while throwing back a cold one? There's a place in Wisconsin where you can do all of this and more - if you dare.

Wisconsin is no stranger to haunted places. There are a ton of haunted places there, actually. Recently, a hotel in Humbird, Wisconsin went up for sale with the owners clearly stating that it was home to some ghosts.

Several paranormal groups have done investigations in the hotel, with one group capturing what they say is a shadow figure in one of the hallways. The hotel also comes with a bar so you can quite literally saddle up to the bar with ghosts.

There is also a famously haunted road in Wisconsin known as Paradise Road. The road is located in Jefferson, Wisconsin and is said to be haunted due to the proximity it has to the famous Diane Borchardt case.

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Upon further research, I learned of yet another haunted place in Wisconsin! This is a bar that is supposedly one of the top five most haunted bars in the entire country. It is located in Milwaukee, which is a little bit of a trek from the Twin Ports but I'd say it is worth the drive.

The bar is called Shakers Cigar Bar. Once you look into the history of this bar, it is super easy to tell why it is haunted. It has quite the history! According to the bar's Facebook page, the bar was once home to all of the following: a cemetery, a speakeasy and a brothel. Yikes.

Shaker's was built on a cemetery and sits atop what used to be one today. It was then turned into a speakeasy and brothel during the Prohibition era and was owned by the Capone family. It was eventually turned into the bar it is today in 1986.

The bar's Facebook page writes that the walls of the establishment "do talk" and that the stories they tell "aren't always pretty" which just adds to the haunted factor. There are a ton of references to the spot being haunted on the establishment's social media pages as well. With a history like that, no wonder it is haunted!

A brave TikToker also put together a virtual tour of Shakers, which gives you an inside look at the spot and some of the ghosts that haunt the walls inside it, which includes a child ghost named Elizabeth:

Guess what else makes this place haunted? It apparently used to be a frequent spot of Jeffrey Dahmer's. Shaker's website says that it was the "occasional haunt" of Dahmer back in the 1990s.

The third floor was once a brothel and is now an Airbnb, although it is not available online at this time. I guess the spirits just need a little break from haunting people while they sleep. If you're brave, the spot does offer five different types of tours. It is located at 422 S 2nd Street.

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