Father's Day is this weekend, and some of you may be struggling coming up with a gift idea for dear old dad. Well as a father myself, I've come up with a list of some pretty simple and affordable gift ideas you still have time to put together.

  • 1

    Do His Chores

    While chores at home may not be as gender defined as they used to be, certain chores are still divvied up. For example I mow the lawn and take care of a lot of the outside stuff. I also do the grocery shopping for our family. Just like on Mother's Day when we should give mom a break on that stuff, why not give dad a break on a chore.

  • 2

    Tools, (Doesn't Have To Be Expensive)

    When you think of tools, sometimes you think of expensive power tools.  That doesn't have to be the case. Ask dad what he needs more of. Drill bits are always a good idea, tape measures, and replace smaller hand tools that have gone missing.

  • 3

    Round of Golf

    Lots of dads like to golf, and a free round of golf at a local course is pretty affordable. If you golf too, go along with for some bonding time.

  • 4

    Year Subscription To Favorite Streaming Service

    It used to be buying your dad a magazine subcription was a great option. While that could still be, nowadays you can give him the gift of a streaming service for shows he may want!

  • 5

    Dinner Out

    Simple, easy, and relaxing. Just don't let dad pick up the check.

  • 6

    Gift Card For His Hobbies

    Different dads have different hobbies. Maybe the Dad in your life likes to fish. Get him a gift certificate to a bait store or sporting good store. Maybe he's into video gaming? Get him a gift card to a gaming store. It's simple and it allows him to get what he needs.

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