Sledding in the winter is something everyone enjoys at just about any age and the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation has once again made it easy for everyone to get out and have fun sliding this winter.

Sled Sheds have returned, which mean free sled rentals are once again available at select Duluth parks. The rules of using the Sled Sheds are easy:

  1. While visiting a park, grab a sled and have fun sledding the hills with your family and friends.
  2. When you are done sledding, please return your sled to the shed so that other park visitors can enjoy sledding.

Last year, the Sled Sheds were available at three Duluth parks, but this year a fourth location has been added. Duluth Parks and Recreation made the announcement on their Facebook page:

Sled Sheds are back! These free sledding opportunities have arrived at local parks for the winter. The locations are:
Lincoln Park
Leif Erikson Park
Portland Square
Merritt Park (New location and it's open now!)
Please leave sleds in the Sheds for others to use. Have a sled at home that's collecting dust? Drop it into any Sled Shed for others to enjoy!

DuluthParksMN Facebook
DuluthParksMN Facebook
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The last part is important as the more sleds that are available, the more fun that can be had by all. If you have sleds laying around the garage that aren't getting used anymore, why not put them to good use? All you have to do to donate sleds is bring them to Leif Erickson Park, Lincoln Park, Portland Square or Merritt Park and drop them into the Sled Shed.

It's great to see they've added a park this year to this program. Is there another park where you'd think a Sled Shed would be a great fit? Feel free to reach out to The City by sending an email to

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I grew up in the Northland so I spent countless hours sledding growing up and even through college and now with my own kids. It's a great reason to bundle up and have fun outside and after an afternoon of sledding, there's nothing better than hot chocolate. Don't forget the marshmallows!

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