Snoop Dogg will be kicking off the summer with a new album. The veteran rapper and Hollywood star recipient made the announcement on Instagram on Tuesday night (March 26).

"New Snoop Dogg record on the way I wanna thank me May. 2019," Snoop wrote.

The album will serve as the follow up to 2018's Bible of Love and will mark the 17th album in the rapper's extensive catalog. Just a few months back, Snoop's four-times platinum-selling debut, Doggystyle, turned 25 years old—which means the West Coast legend has been doing this for over a quarter of a century.

Doggystyle came at a time when the West was on the rise but still struggling to make a real mark on hip-hop, and ultimately cemented their status as power players in the game who could hold their own against the New York originators.

In recent Snoop news, the avid Lakers fan came for his favorite team earlier this month, upset at their lackluster performance on the court this season.

"Somebody gotta go. Fuck this shit. Matter of fact, a lot of niggas gotta go—starting with the coach," Snoop said. "This is not the L.A. way. Ship all them niggas out. Get a slave ship, and ship all them sorry muthafuckas the fuck outta here!"

He offered up his Staples Center booth for a cool $5 as well—and though it was a joke, he's probably not laughing at the team losing once again on Wednesday (March 27) to the Utah Jazz.

You can view Snoop's official album announcement for yourself below.

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