If you're planning on lunch Thursday at some of the Holiday Center's restaurants like Zen House, Subway, or Valentini's To Go, you'll want to take note of this. A utility-related maintenance issue is impacting parts of the Holiday Center Thursday, and could extend into Friday. This is impacting several businesses in part of the complex.

The issue has created challenges for businesses on the southwest side of the Holiday Center, including us here at the radio station. If you are a listener looking to pick up a prize, or a client coming to the station for a meeting, our main entrance at the end of the hallway past Visit Duluth is being closed for this maintenance. We have a temporary entrance set up at the southwest corner of the building, where you can buzz in using a doorbell that our staff are monitoring to allow you into our station offices.

As for other businesses impacted by the maintenance issue, some of the restaurants are the hardest hit, being forced to close. While Lyric and The Greenery remain open, Valentini's To Go, Zen House, and the Subway in the Holiday Center are closed Thursday. The closure may extend into Friday as well, contingent on when the maintenance issue can be fixed.

Holiday Center Closures

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