According to Police Officers around the state participated in a speeding enforcement crackdown over a two week period this past July with 16, 580 tickets being issued and some of the people who got caught had some pretty outrageous excuses for why they were driving so fast.

We all do it whether we realize it or not, but speeding can cause accidents and is very dangerous. I am fairly certain that many officers and state troopers have heard every excuse in the book, but these are some real winners.

  • One driver who was pulled over going 99 mph told the officer he was speeding because he was trying to get to Taco Bell before it closed.
  • One driver who was going 45mph in a 35 mph zone said the reason they were speeding is because they just got a new cake pan and were excited to get home and try it out.
  • Another driver got caught twice within a half hour by two different State Troopers because they were hot and the AC was broken, so they were speeding with the windows down to cool off.

To be honest when I lived in the Twin Cities I racked up a few speeding tickets here and there, I blame my aggressive driving style for when I was living down there and also my car which was pretty fast. And yes the fact that I was young and dumb with a lead foot. But I honestly never made up some dumb excuse, I paid my tickets and learned the hard way to slow down.

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