Halloween is right around the corner and so is the opening of the new Spirit Halloween store in Duluth!

In case you haven't heard by now, there is a new Spirit Halloween location opening in the Miller Hill Mall. This is the second year in a row that Spirit Halloween has opened up shop in Duluth.

Last year, Spirit Halloween opened up for a few months in the old Shopko building on Central Entrance. This was a surprise because the spot had been vacant for some time and we hadn't had a Spirit Halloween in the years prior!

I came across this news while on Spirit Halloween's website. I was searching for the nearest location so I could take a little road trip. I didn't expect one to open in Duluth so when that popped up in my search, I was so excited!

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After pushing back the opening date a few times, the store finally opened at the end of August. Sadly, once Halloween was over, it closed (hence the name). At the time, we didn't know if it would return next year but now we know that it is.

So when is the new store opening? According to their website, they will open on August 26th. As of now, there are no hours listed. You can shop in person when they open at 1600 Miller Trunk Highway.

Similar to last year, the store will likely close within the first few days of November. You better shop while you can because they won't be around until next year - if they come back at all. Fingers crossed they do but I won't get ahead of myself. Ha!

As for why Spirit Halloween isn't setting up shop in the old Shopko location yet again, it is because the space has a new tenant! All Shopko locations, including the one that housed the old Spirit Halloween, closed by June of 2019. The company declared bankruptcy earlier that year.

In April of this year, we learned that the old Shopko location would be replaced with another new furniture store. Furniture Mart USA has purchased the building and will be moving into the spot at a future date.

Maybe next year we can get a year-round Halloween store instead of a temporary one? My perfect scenario would be a year-round store and Spirit Halloween. By the way, there are a ton of new businesses that have opened in the Miller Hill Mall as of late. A new sushi restaurant opened in the food court recently, along with a mini donut and waffle spot.

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