Recently, the City of Duluth announced they were looking for residents to volunteer to be a part of a special Spirit Mountain Task Force.  Monday, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson officially announced the appointees.

According to the City Of Duluth press release, thirteen members of the public were appointed to the Spirit Mountain Task Force and they will be joined by two city councilors for a total of 15 voting members.

The Task Force will work in partnership with City staff, Spirit Mountain staff, and consultants to draft recommendations for the Mayor, City Council, and the Spirit Mountain Board of Directors.

The Task Force will examine all options to achieve long-term financial and operational sustainability for Spirit Mountain, including:

  1. Business improvement strategies addressing pricing, scope of services, marketing, days and seasons of operation.
  2. Capital infrastructure right-sizing and renewal
  3. Adjustments to tourism tax support
  4. Strategic partnerships with nonprofits, units of government, resort management firms, and/or developers for sale, lease, contract operation, and/or redevelopment of all or portions of Spirit Mountain facilities and operations
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After reviewing 106 applications, the members of the Spirit Mountain Task Force will include:

  • Matt Baumgartner
  • Amy Brooks
  •  Barbara Carr
  •  Michele Dressel
  •  Mark Emmel
  •  Dan Hartman
  •  Hansi Johnson
  •  Noah Kramer
  •  Dale Lewis
  •  Sam Luoma
  •  Chris Rubesch
  •  Aaron Stolp
  •  Scott Youngdahl
  • *Councilor Arik Forsman, Co-Chair
  • *Councilor Janet Kennedy, Co-Chair

Brandy and Jody Ream from Spirit Mountain, Anna Tanski from Visit Duluth, and Tim Miller and Bjorn Reed from AFSCME will serve as ex-officio members of the Task Force.

The group will begin meeting in August to submit a report to the Mayor, City Council, and the Spirit Mountain Board of Directors in February of 2021.


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