This is impressive! An online spoiler king has revealed who wins the next season of The Bachelorette - and the season hasn't even started airing yet!

We all know by now that our next lead of the franchise is Michelle Young. She lives in Edina, Minnesota and was chosen as the next lead of the show after coming in second on the last season of The Bachelor, which featured Matt James.

She became a fan favorite even after coming onto the show late. She was part of a special twist during her season of The Bachelor that sent in a handful of extra girls into the mix well into filming to shake things up.

Eventually, she made it to the top two but was sent home in favor of the other woman standing. Matt sent her home before the final rose ceremony and she was named the next lead of the show. Another woman from her season was also named The Bachelorette so that Michelle could finish out the school year as a teacher and film her season when the year wrapped.

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Once she wrapped the school year, she started filming the show. In case you didn't know, she left during the school year to go on The Bachelor and didn't want to leave her students again to film, which just makes us love her more.

Now, filming on her season is officially wrapped and we already seemingly know who won Michelle's heart at the end of the show. A man by the name of Reality Steve always spoils each and every season in the Bachelor franchise and it looks like Michelle's is no different.

He shared news of who won her season early on Tuesday (October 5th), with about two weeks to go before the new season airs. Warning: spoilers ahead so read at your own risk!

According to Reality Steve, the man who wins The Bachelorette is Nayte Olukoya. He is a twenty-seven year old who hails from Austin, Texas.

We will have to learn more about him as the show airs but what we do know, thanks to Reality Steve, is that he very tall and originally from Canada. Prior to filming, he worked at Indeed but there is no word on where he works now or if he still works there.

I just hope that he isn't the villain on the show, as there always is one every season. Ha! Another awesome thing about the next season of the show, aside from the fact that the lead is from Minnesota, is that they filmed part of the season there!

For a good part of August, the cast and crew filmed in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. They rented out a hotel in Minneapolis and Michelle was spotted around town, including having a one-on-one date at a Twins game!

We also know they filmed at a wedding venue in the area at one point and on Lake Minnetonka. Not only that, but there are also a few contestants from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Like I said, we have a lot to look forward to this season! Even though we know who won the season, it will still be great and entertaining to watch. The new season premieres on Tuesday, October 19th.

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