While they aren't my thing, many people are very into wearing skinny jeans. As pants technology evolves, the race continues to offer the skinniest and most form-fitting jeans possible. American Eagle has one-upped the rest of the industry with a new product listed on their website called "Skinny Skinny".

This product, appearing on the AE website (here), is a spray-on variety of what they call the ultimate skinny jeans. The product comes in two colors, indigo and bright light, and promises to hug all of the contours of your body, including the thigh, knee, and ankle. Their website says the secret to what makes these so special is their patented SkinTight Technology. The product is a limited edition item, with only 1,000 available on their website - and they're already out of stock.

Ok, so these are an elaborate prank American Eagle is pulling on the world. Funny, right? I suppose not. In any case, it does poke fun at the ever-increasing desire for the skinniest skinny jeans ever. They've even gone to the extent of making a commercial for the fake product.

Watch the Spray-On Skinny Jeans Commercial