A company in the Twin Cities called Trapped Puzzle Rooms has a variety of challenging Escape rooms for groups to try out, but for Harry Potter fan's this one in St. Paul is extra special. It is called a "Very Potter Escape."

The premise of this escape room is "The Headmaster has fallen and a new regime has taken over. You need to get into the Headmasters office and retrieve the elder wand before it's too late." If you are someone who enjoys the fantasy of witchcraft and wizardry then this is definitely the escape room for you.

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If you have never done an escape room before sometimes the more people the better to help solve the puzzles in order to escape in time. For this particular escape room you will have a number of puzzles to solve in a large room that have a different degree of difficulty making it fun for all ages. But anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please note some areas of the room are only accessible by staircase, so if you have questions about how accessible this particular room is you are asked to call ahead at (651) 760-3495. As of right now all the bookings are private so you will have the whole experience to yourselves and your group. This is a great activity for a work group or family and friends. To Book a room click here!

Years ago we (my coworkers here at the radio station) and I all went to an escape room here in Duluth where we were inmates in jail and we had to figure our way out by solving a bunch of puzzles under a certain amount of time. We did it just under the buzzer, but like I said , the more people to put their heads together the better.

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