This is going to cause some serious debates. I have seen the likes of this already all over Facebook, and with these Sub-Zero temperatures we have been having the chatter will continue.

Apparently newer cars are fuel injected and therefore do not need time for the engine to heat up before you drive. Some say it may even damage your vehicle. I am someone who until this past year has always had a car starter and I miss it terribly. I would never run my car for an excessive period of time, just enough to heat the car up a little and hopefully defrost my windshield.

But my daughter who has a 4 year old son had a good point,  said she will run her car all she pleases because he sits in a booster seat and can't be in his big jacket, for safety reasons and she does not want him freezing in a cold car. This brings up a great point that kids play a huge role in warming up your car ahead of time. This is going to be a hard fought war in this part of the country, especially with how ridiculously cold it has been lately.

Check out the video below as a super smart engineer type guy gives you the logistics on this whole scene. I still am going to warm my car up a little each time so I can at least see out of the windshield.