If you love video games, you're not alone - especially if you live in Minnesota and Wisconsin!

According to a new study from WalletHub, some of the best cities for gamers are found right here in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

As for Minnesota, two cities cracked the list, which is made up of 100 cities total. Minneapolis came in at number 18 on the list while St. Paul came in at number 32.

Wisconsin did just as well, with Madison coming in just above Minneapolis on the list at number 17. Milwaukee came in at number 74.

The best cities ever for gamers include San Diego, New York and Seattle, which came in at number one on the list.

To compile this list, WalletHub looked at several factors including highest average internet speed, lowest internet cost, most video game stores per capita, most arcades per capita and highest percentage of adults who own a smartphone, among other factors.

I can't lie, I have enjoyed playing video games a time or two throughout quarantine. There is only so much to do when you're stuck in your house, right? It looks like i'm in the right place!

Minnesota has fared well in studies like these so far this year. In early May, Minnesota was named one of the best states to be a nurse in the entire country. Not only that, but the state was also named one of the best states to work remotely in. That particular title was given to us in late April, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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