You gotta love doorbell cameras.

Not only do they allow you to see and speak to whomever is at your door without you having to leave the comfort of your couch, sometimes it records mysterious and freaky AF stuff that then gets shared on the internet.

Case in point: footage of two ghostly figures caught lurking on a street in Sunland Park, New Mexico at 1:30 a.m. before the transparent forms quickly run off the screen.

The doorbell camera video, originally posted by Lizbeth Villegas on her Instagram account and shared on FitFam, has El Pasoans spooked and baffled.

Some are pretty sure the camera captured a couple of “duendes,” or goblin-like creatures. Others, however, aren’t convinced anything paranormal is going on.

lizbethv_915 via FitFam El Paso
lizbethv_915 via FitFam El Paso

“Glitch in the matrix,” surmised ms_angelica_h.

“In Sunland Park? No se asusté,” wrote gennie9988. “It's just an immigrant, guys, trying to live the American Dream.”

“It’s a couple of kids running by. It’s just poor quality video,” wrote IG user sq_suzee.

“Moths buzzing around the porch light. Dog barking at kids during a foot race. Edited to scary music,” commented ndtarin

So, what does Lizbeth think her camera captured?

lizbethv_915 via FitFam El Paso
lizbethv_915 via FitFam El Paso

“Probably some undocumented immigrants crossing," was her reply to my inquiry. "This happens often on my street. Just the camera got it like that because of how fast they were running.”

Real living, breathing humans is probably the most likely scenario, but as I like to say when it comes to matters of the paranormal: We report, you decide.

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