A Dozen Excuses Bakery on Tower Avenue in Superior has leased some space in Duluth's Lakeside neighborhood to open a satellite location . The store is an old gas station built in 1923 and is located right next to a portion of the lakewalk. Johnson's Bakery closed it's doors in March of 2018 which had been open since 1955, leaving the area without a local bakery, until now.

A Dozen Excuses owner Melissa Kingren and her partner  Cliff Lindberg opened A Dozen Excuses at 1112 Tower Ave. in Superior five and half years ago. The bakery features a wide variety of donuts and sweet rolls in addition to other fresh baked bread and buns.

Kingren told Perfectduluthday “We’re very excited, I think it’s a great family community and I think people miss having something there. I’m hoping we can fill a niche. Most bakeries, things are not fresh — they’re baked offsite and frozen. Most people don’t make them fresh anymore, we take a lot of pride in what we do.”

A Dozen Excuses will take over a 350-square-foot space adjacent to Vibe Salon. No word yet on when they will b e ready to open, stay tuned for updates!

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