Many of us have enjoyed a beautiful summer day on the shores of Wisconsin Point, but may not be aware of the deep history of the area. At one time Wisconsin Point was once home to a burial ground for Indigenous people. The burial ground was moved in 1918 along the Nemadji River.

Councilor Van Sickle, Tlingit/Athabascan Sheet’ka Kwaan kiks.àdi, Yéil said to CBS3 "We are really taking the first steps forward in widely acknowledging that trauma and trying to take the steps forward through recognizing the real history of Wisconsin Point,"

The goal now is to get Wisconsin Point added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Superior City Council unanimously approved this measure last week and say members realize that this is part of a bigger effort to honor Indigenous people in Superior.

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Terry White, a former Douglas County Supervisor and member of the Park Point Committee said to CBS3 "It's actually become more of a sacred site over the past few years as a national destination, as people come there to do ceremonies for healing and pray quite a bit."

Now that this has been approved on a local level the application now goes to the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Review Board who will have a decision made on August 14. If it is approved, then the National Parks Service will have the final say on whether it will make it into the National Register.

For anyone not aware of the history of Wisconsin Point maybe now people will strive to be more respectful by picking up their garbage or not disturbing part of the landscape.

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