It starts every year usually around early June. You'll hear fireworks popping off all across the Northland. Some at dusk, some in the middle of the night, and some strange enough during the middle of the day. It's really annoying, and it will probably never change. But, the Superior Police Department recently posted on Facebook a message to residents urging them to stop shooting fireworks off, and reminding the public that most of those are illegal.

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Basically anything that bangs, pops, or flies through the air is illegal. Just because you can buy it out in Douglas County beyond City limits, doesn't mean that it's legal in town.

I can tell you as a parent how frustrating it is to hear fireworks popping off right after you get your kids to sleep. There's countless times over the years the kids have woke up or been scared about what the noise is outside. Fortunately our dog doesn't get too worked up about it, but I know plenty of pet owner's that struggle with this. Lots of missing dogs are because of fireworks scaring them and the dog running away.

They do mention all the injuries each year caused by fireworks: 10,000! This year it's been so dry too that a fire starting is more likely than previous years. So do everyone a favor and save your money. Enjoy Superior's fireworks display this year on the 4th of July at 10 PM at Barkers Island. Just stay with your vehicle and practice social distancing.

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