The Superior Police Department is asking for the public's help with any information about a vandalism case. Several bullet casings were found in the middle of the street on the 1300 block of North Sixth Street.

According to the Superior Telegram, Officers had responded to a vandalism call. An SUV had a tire slashed and a small hole in the front fender which could have been caused by a bullet. There were about a dozen shell casings found nearby on the street. it appears the shell casings could have been there for some time, so it is not clear when the bullets were fired. The damage to the tire took place sometime Saturday night into Sunday afternoon.

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The police are asking any neighbors that may have heard gunshots to contact them. You can do that by calling 911 or also utilizing the Superior Police Deparment's Tip411. It's anonymous and you can text "spdtip". Then submit your information.

It's quite concerning to know that someone was dispersing a firearm in the city carelessly. It is illegal to shoot a gun in the city. Police say so far the only damage found was to the SUV. Across the bridge in Duluth, there have been 5 shots fired incidents in the last week. The Duluth Police Department has arrested 2 people in those incidents so far this week, but the others remain at large. The Duluth Police Department has warned people that most of these shootings are from stolen guns from vehicles or other unlocked weapons. They encourage gun owners to lock up their firearms responsibly.

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