Just days ago all restaurants and bars in Wisconsin and many other states were ordered by the governor to close for dine in customers, but if possible to do take out or delivery. Just this industry alone has many people in dire straights with a sudden loss of income.

But one restaurant facing their own plight of having to cover for themselves and their employees during this difficult time are stepping up to help anyone. Superior Family Restaurant off Tower Avenue is offering a FREE meal to anyone who is need.

Samantha Cotten who is a server at the restaurant spoke to FOX 21 and said: If you have extra or you’re able to help others, we rally together. Because what’s going to matter when all of this is over is how well he looked after each other and how well we work together despite the trying times that we’re going through.”

The restaurant will keep this free meal program going as long as they possibly can and will still remain open for normal takeout orders between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Thank you to everyone in our community who is reaching out to help each other, together we will get through this and be a better community for it!

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