Socials Workers play a vital role in schools, but because of a certain law in Wisconsin many schools are finding it difficult to hire them. Apparently in Wisconsin the Wisconsin Department of Instruction only recognizes social work degrees from three universities. They are the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee, all on the eastern side of the state.

Superior Superintendent Amy Starzecki says that means hiring challenges.. for schools in our region. She went on to say, "I think it's hard to draw people from Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee to come to Superior and work when they could go over the bridge where it's a much larger community. I think just getting people to come here for that position is difficult."

Superior Superintendent Amy Starzeck  said "There's a significant void in our district around mental health. We have a very little continuum of mental health services when it comes to out-patients, we have no day treatment, and we have no residential programming for students,"

The Superior School District brought a new resolution to the Association of School Boards last week, and it passed so these new rules will allow more social workers to help students in need... but they need to work on finalizing it. For more on this story click here.

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