The smell of fresh cut grass, the sounds of birds chirping, the satisfaction of putting away the winter coats.  That's what Spring should be all about.  But we know that in the Northland, Spring means potholes.  I'm talking "holy-crap-what-did-I-just-hit?" potholes.   I drive a section of W. 3rd Street between Piedmont and Mesaba every day that makes me wish I was married to a mechanic.

I found this cool website today, where you can actually upload a picture and note the location of notorious potholes in Duluth to warn others.  Maps too!  You can even cast your vote for that pothole to be fixed.  From the comments on one pothole I checked out, it looks like it may even be monitored by the powers that be.   I know everyone has an opinion on the crack/hole/bump/canyon they swerve to avoid every stinkin day.  So here is my question.  Where is the worst pothole situation in the Northland?  Brownie points for pictures!

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