There appears to be a little street justice happening in Hermantown. Literally. A roughly one-mile stretch of the western portion of Hermantown Road has been marked up with white paint, pointing out potholes and other serious road flaws in a very "Minnesota" way.

A number of holes that need to be filled along this stretch of roadway have been circled in white paint, which is a somewhat common practice for road crews. What makes this particular instance interesting are the exclamatory words accompanying some of the markings.

What we don't know is whether or not any of these markings were done by city crews or not. A likely scenario is that crews marked the road's potholes with circles, and someone else added the verbiage relatively shortly after. The other main possibility is that the street-tagger did the entire paint job, circles and words. It's assumed that it is a random citizen, but it's hilarious to think about the idea that a city crew member did the entire paint job his/herself.

Either way, it's probably good thing that it's only a roughly one-mile stretch of road. If every pothole in the entire Twin Ports was marked this way, there would be way too many words on the street to keep up with. Plus, this is vandalism, so you probably shouldn't go marking up roadways.

Pothole Marks On Hermantown Road

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