Staying in touch is more important than staying in smell.

A new survey from McCann Worldgroup of more than 6,000 people around the world found about half would be willing to give up their sense of smell over the ability to engage in social networking.

Fifty-three percent of those polled between the ages of 16 and 22 said they would rather surrender their sense of smell than give up access to social networking, while 48 percent of those between the ages of 22 and 30 would choose to have a malfunctioning proboscis over not being be able to use sites like Facebook or Twitter.

People from the US, UK, Spain, China, India, Brazil and Mexico took part in the study.

If they're so intent on maintaining contact with the world, you have to wonder what kind of people these youngsters hope to have in their lives. When asked what values they sought in a best friend, truthful was the most popular response, at 42 percent. That was way ahead of the second-most popular response, genuine, which garnered 22 percent.

Perhaps not coincidentally, truthful was the most popular word respondents used when describing themselves, with 21 percent selecting it.

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