It's one of the most popular pizza joints in Northern Minnesota, and now their building is up for sale, what does that mean for their future?

Over the last day or so, rumors started to spread through social media that it might be the end of the road for Sven and Ole's Pizza in Grand Marais, well it is true that they've come to the end of the road in their current location and have put their building up for sale.

In a letter posted on their Facebook page, the 40-year-old pizza restaurant has decided to "revise the business operations" by selling the building and moving into a smaller building, but the pizza or business isn't going anywhere, except a new location.

Sid "Sven" Backlund, owner and co-founder, says that they no longer need all the space of the 3,700+ square foot building, especially when many of the orders are being picked up versus dining in since the start of the pandemic. Backlund also cites the "staffing nightmare" of the past two years as reasons for the move.

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Backlund Realty LLC
Backlund Realty LLC

Backlund admits that many of these issues have been building over the last 10 years, and it took the pandemic for them to make the moves. He says that while they love their original location, they hope the location can provide another local business with the success that Sven and Ole's Pizza has had over four decades at 7 W Wisconsin St. located between World's Best Donuts and Joyne's Ben Franklin in downtown Grand Marais.

The building is being sold by Sid's brother Terry Backlund, better known as Ole, at Backlund Realty. The listing price for the property is $499,900 and has plenty of room for commercial and storage space, and has a semi-trailer height delivery door off the alley.

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