Last week I reported on the firing of former Twin Ports TV weatherman Sven Sundgaard from KARE 11 in the Twin Cities, now he's taking his talents to YouTube.

Sundgaard said last week that he was "considering my options," and I assumed that mean legal options, and it still could I guess. But it appears another one of his options was taking his talents to YouTube.

Yesterday Sundgaard posted his first 'Explore with Sven: Weather' video in which he gave the current forecast for the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota.

He calls the videos an "experiment" and he asks that the audience "bare with him over the coming days." And in the short 2-minute forecast I can see why he's telling us to do that.

The production value was not great, standing in front of a bare wall and giving the forecast with some crude graphics inserted on the side of him certainly isn't as flashy or appealing as the professional setup that he's been used to for years, but I'm sure he will figure it out over time.

Towards the end of the video, while talking about some upcoming warm weather, Sundgaard said, "I'm hoping for it, I like the heat personally. Maybe I can get out kayaking again and have more pictures like this," as he inserted a photo of him shirtless.

Anyone who follows him on social media knows how he likes to post shirtless photos of himself, in fact, gossip columnist for the Star Tribune, CJ, once called him the "king of the shirtless selfie.


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