WCCO-CBS TV in Minneapolis was able to take a sweet tour behind the scenes of one of the most popular booths at the Minnesota State Fair Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar.I am not able to get down to the  fair this year, so I am sure hoping that Cooper hooks me up with a cookie or two when he comes back since he is going and said that this is an absolute stop for him every time.

St. Paul native Martha Rossini Olson. has been at the Minnesota State Fair for 40 years she has 3 locations now at the fair and employs over 700 people. You have 3 sizes of cookie containers to choose from a cone, large cone, or pail all of which are bubbling over with these delicious warm chocolate chip cookies. Over the 12 days of the Fair they go through 62 tons of chocolate chips alone!

The ovens can hold about 2,000 cookies at a time and if you could see the lines and the size of the buckets that most people get of cookies they need to be cooking them that fast. Fun fact Sweet martha's Cookie dough is available at Target and other major grocery store chains, so if you are a fan you can try and bake some at home yourself or you can eat the raw dough since it is safe! I say good for you Martha and Thank You for your delicious cookies, I think it has worked out pretty well for you and your family.


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