For anybody who has had the misfortune of walking into a Target store with a red polo shirt on and khaki pants, how many times where you stopped and asked to help someone? I did it once not thinking and never again. But now apparently Target is going to let employees wear jeans instead of the standard khaki pants or skirts.

According to Bring Me The News last year Target started allowing employees to wear jeans on weekends and Holidays, but now it is rolling out it's new dress code called "jeans forever."  But they must still wear read shirts as part of the uniform. Not to say that some employees won't continue to wear khaki, but having the jeans option opens up a much bigger choice of what to wear to work.

The change up in dress code is designed to boost morale. Target had a 5.7 percent increase in same-store sales over Christmas time and they want to keep the positive momentum going with their staff.

Chief stores officer Janna Potts said  "I’m so proud of the results our stores delivered for Target. I love that we embraced the challenge of #jeansforever together as one team, They do so much for our guests each and every day so it’s amazing to be able to recognize and celebrate such a special group of people in a way that everyone can get excited about."

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