UPDATE: Tavern On The Hill is open again, as of Thursday, July 16th.

Another local business has shut down temporarily. This time Duluth's Tavern On The Hill has shut its doors temporarily.

The restaurant announced the news on their Facebook page Thursday (July 9th), citing that one of their employees contracted COVID-19 from "someone in a social setting outside of the Tavern family."

The post also states that while the restaurant is temporarily closed, they will be deep cleaning and allowing other staff members to be tested. You can read their post in full below:

There is no word on when they are set to reopen their doors or if any other employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

Here are a few things to note regarding the closure, which were stated in the comments section to customers who were asking questions regarding the employee who contracted COVID-19:

  • The employee did not do any deliveries at any point.
  • The employee was not a bartender.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update this story as more information becomes available. Tavern On The Hill is located at 1102 Woodland Avenue in Duluth.

Just a few days prior, another Duluth restaurant announced they would be closing temporarily as well. Great Harvest Bread Co. closed for about a week after an employee there also contracted COVID-19. However, as of Monday (July 13th) they are back open for business after all other employees tested negative for COVID-19.

To keep up with all things relating to COVID-19 in the Twin Ports, including new business policies and hours and the like, click here.

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