Baby makes five! Taylor Hanson, 29, of Hanson and his wife Natalie, 28, are set to welcome their fifth child. That’s quite a big brood the couple are cultivating. The men of Hanson must be trying to populate another family-friendly pop group with all of their children.

“Natalie and I are so anxious to meet our fifth mini-Hanson,” the musician exclusively told PEOPLE. “As are the four siblings at home who are counting the days to the arrival.”

Baby No. 5 is due in late 2012, so the Hansons have a few months of counting down to go through. He or she will join a troupe that includes Ezra, 9; Penelope, 7; River, 5; and Viggo, 3. Taylor’s brothers and bandmates Isaac and Zac each have two kids a piece, as well.

Scrap that pop group suggestion we mentioned earlier. The Bros. Hanson have a baseball team among them.

Hanson are currently supporting their latest ‘Shout It Out’ with a tour. They gotta make that paper to support and feed their growing (and already large) families.

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