Kelsey Townsend of Poynette Wisconsin which is outside of Madison was 9 months pregnant in October when she came down with COVID-19 according to UW Health. Townsend who already has 3 other young children became very ill and was placed in a medically induced coma.

Townsends condition quickly continued to deteriorate  and gave birth to her baby on November 4 while in a coma. She ended up spending 75 days on life support on an ECMO machine and ventilator.

In December Doctors told her husband Derek Townsend that she would need a double lung transplant in order to survive. Derek said:

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for sure -- so many ups and downs. Telling her she’s that sick, she won’t come home without it…it was difficult.

Then miraculously Kelsey's condition had improved and she was moved out of the intensive care unit. In mid-January she was taken off the ventilator and no longer needs a lung transplant. Her Dr.s admitted they are baffled at how her lungs were able to recover after being so sick.

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On January 27 Kelsey was released from the hospital and was finally able to see her baby for the first time, She is on a minimum amount of oxygen and will need physical therapy to help her regain her strength back. I could not even imagine the heartache her husband must have been going through with her so sick, a brand new baby to care for and three other young children at home.

This is definitely one of those really inspiring stories that makes you think and count your blessings that you are healthy. What an amazing family and glad to hear that mom and baby are doing just fine.

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