Taylor Swift's 14th American Music Award was 2013 Artist of the Year!

Swift was gasping for air when she reached the podium to accept her third trophy of the night.

"I'm really out of breath, I was really going hard at that 'Wrecking Ball' thing," Swift said affably. Then she began gushing some more about her fans, her trademark number and more.

"My lucky number is 13, and 2013 has been the most amazing year for me," she said, before launching into a diatribe about how wonderful her Swifties are for voting for her and lining her pockets.

"We're heartbroken the same way, and we fall in love the same way, and if you relate to my music, we're on the same page ... if you decided on something as wonderful as this, we're probably in this together. Thank you so much, this is unbelievable!"

Congrats, T-Swizzle!

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