Team Scurlinuster continues to reign as champions off their historic gold medal win in men's curling. I had a chance to meet John several times and he was even kind enough to bring in his gold medal for us to see. According to NBC Sports now the team is getting some more recognition with the "Team Shuster Table Top Curling Set" which will be out in TJ Maxx stores this Fall.

The game is being marketed as endorsed by the U.S. Olympic men’s curling team of John ShusterTyler GeorgeMatt HamiltonJohn Landsteiner and Joe Polo that made history with their gold medal win in PyeongChang.

The idea for this game was developed by an Ambassador Games employee in Hong Kong shortly after the Olympics and features little stones that is similar to a shuffleboard. I must admit I have never watched curling in my life before this last Olympics and even stayed up way past my bed time to watch the early rounds of the men's curling team matches. This is a must purchase for any men's curling team fan and a great holiday gift idea.





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