Sixteen year old Natalie Hampton who lives in California knows first hand about being bullied and feeling left out at school, so she decided to do something about it.

We all know how clicky school can be and for many kids they feel left out, vulnerable and are often bullied. Hampton said for two years straight she was bullied and felt really isolated often eating lunch alone. Now she is at a new school and is thriving, and wants to help other kids feel included.

Hampton designed a free App called Sit With Us which allows students to see what tables welcome kids to sit with them. No more awkward approaches to a table where they might be told they can't sit there or they are ignored. For the person that signs up for the App and be a table ambassador they have to agree to allow anyone to sit at the table.

What an incredible way to help out other kids and hopefully help gain friendships making school more fun than problematic for so many. I am pretty sure that Natalie is going to have a very bright future with a few more App designs up her sleeve.

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