Everyone knows that Duluth Minnesota and the surrounding area is a world class city, but sometimes things happen here that bring national attention and the spotlight. Sometimes for good things and sometimes for bad.

Here is a list of Ten Times Duluth made National Headlines:

  1. October 4th 2012 : A Duluth Police Officer is facing charges for hitting a client at The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Duluth MN.
  2. March 29th 2010: Duluth Competes with other cities to get improved Google Broadband in the area and made it into the Top 2, but lost out to Topeka Kansas.
  3. June 22nd 2012: The 100 Year Flood that devastated parts of Duluth and surrounding areas.
  4. November 8th 2013:  The clash of 2 skydiving Planes above the skies of Duluth/Superior.
  5. August 19th 2015: 94 Year Old Hockey Player shares tips on how to live a long life!
  6. November 12th 2014: Winter Storm Puts Duluth on Ice.
  7. January 5th 2014:   Barn Weddings.
  8. October 7th 2015: Spectacular Northern Lights Show over Lake Superior.
  9. February 18th 2015: Monkeys at Lake Superior Zoo jump into the digital age.
  10. February 20th 2014-Family fights deportation of Comatose Exchange Student.


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