For one couple in Texas, every day is like Halloween in their "Munsters" replica house, and it is awesome!

The show the Munsters first premiered on t.v. back in the 1960's and the premise of the show was this monster family trying to live in ordinary society. The special effects are really cheesy, but I am sure were deemed pretty progressive for back in the day.

Sandra Mckee and her husband Charles are such big fans of the show that they converted their home into a modern day Munsters Abode. Over the years they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars remodeling and collecting items from the show.

As you can imagine to some younger kids like one of their grandchildren they were scared to go in it at first, but now they are all used to it. I wish I had the money to make a Jetsons home, but alas technology has not come that far yet.