If you are looking for a cute addition to your family please stop by Animal Allies in Duluth to meet Bjorne. This little bundle of joy is a brown and white Fox Terrier (Smooth) Mix who is absolutely adorable. Bjorne would be a perfect fit for a smaller home or apartment dweller. He does have lot's of energy, but after he winds down he loves to cuddle up on your lap.

This 5 year old ball of fire loves play time, is said to get along with kids and other animals and is very social always trying to meet new friends. If you would like to meet Bjorne please ask one of the staff to take him out of his kennel and take him outside for a quick walk ro to play in the outdoor kennel. This gives the dogs a chance to get some exercise and wind down out side of the kennel rooms and gives you a better idea about their personalities.

Bjornes in neutered, microchipped and vet checked, if interested please stop by Animal Allies at 4006 Airport Road in Duluth, phone number is 218-722-5341 or website.

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