It has finally arrived, some nice weather here in the Twin Ports. For many of us we are super busy at work and if we are lucky grab a quick bite at our desk or company break room. But wouldn't it be nice to head outside for lunch one of these days?

I have come up with a list of ten places in the Twin Ports area to sit and have lunch and take a break from your hectic work day. I chose places that were easily accessible,  have parking and a place to sit and eat. Whether you are with a friend or by yourself there is something about having a bite to eat outside on a nice day that can change your whole attitude.

This first installment is at a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike on the East End of Duluth and that is the beautiful Rose Garden in Leif Erickson Park. The roses are not in bloom yet, but I still lucked out and it was a beautiful day to sit by Lake Superior and grab a quick bite. Stay tuned for my weekly installment to see where I go next, and thanks again to Whole Foods Co-Op for the delicious lunch!

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