The Dinosaur hunt is on right now at Glensheen Mansion, fun for all ages! Glensheen has teamed up with the Duluth Children's Museum to celebrate there new exhibit Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice!

For the month of September dinosaurs from the Duluth Children's Museum will be hiding throughout the mansion. It is up to each individual to find all 15 dinosaurs who  have escaped the children's museum and are hiding out in the mansion. The staff from Glensheen need your help before the dinosaurs go on the loose and destroy the mansion.

This General Admission self guided tour is family friendly and fun for kids of all ages. But you need to hurry the dinosaurs will become extinct on October 1. Make sure to stop by the Duluth Children's Museum new exhibit, Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™ where guests will travel back in time to see dinosaurs come to life.

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The exhibit at the Duluth Children's Museum lets children explore unfamiliar landscapes, put on dinosaur costumes, dig up fossils and uncover clues that the fossils have left behind. Their are also photo opportunities for kids to take pictures with replicas of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and also go down a icy slide in a cave.

This is a great way to spend the day with your kids by checking out both exhibits and will give adults a whole new view of Glensheen.

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