For many people The Exchange restaurant and Bakery at 301 W. First St. in the Board of Trade Building, was a regular spot to meet for lunch for some home cooked food at a great price, but come October 1 they will have to find a new spot.

The Exchange will be closed to the general public on Sept. 30 but will continue to fill it's cake and catering orders through October. According to The Duluth News Tribune a combination of a lot of things is causing the restaurant to close up shop. The owner is planning to retire, plus the lease is up and the rent for the space has increased as well.

Mark Edwards the owner of The Exchange said, “It is kind of sad, you almost don’t want to say it out loud. … It seems so final when you say it and then you get (sad). “It would be nice if someone stepped up and wanted it. "

Besides the restaurant they also create cakes and do catering for multiple businesses. It's really to bad for all the employees who work there, one of them has been at the Exchange for 30 years. Maybe somebody out there will buy the business since it has a proven track record to be successful.

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