According to SuperValu which owned more than 70 Cub Foods Stores has now been sold to United Natural Foods for 2.9 Billion Dollars. With this sale the future of Cub Food stores is up in the air.

With the purchase that was made yesterday (UNFI) United Natural Foods confirmed that they would be selling off some of the company's retail assets including the grocery chain.

With 47 stores in the Metro area alone it remains the most popular grocery chain in that area, despite competition form retailers like Walmart and Aldi. With a variety of other nationally known companies like Hy-Vee, Kroger and Albertsons it is a very real possibility that these stores will remain grocery stores but under a different name.

With the price of groceries seeming to skyrocket, having more variety of places to shop can work to the advantage of consumers. Only time will tell of what will happen to Cub Foods stores in Minnesota and the one store we have here in Duluth.


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