The staff at Lake Superior Zoo are pleased to announce the opening of the North American River Otter exhibit located right next to the new Bear Country area.

The two otters are Logan & Brule and they are just as mischievous as they are cute. North American River Otters can be found here in the Northland throughout Canada and the United States, except for areas of Southern California, New Mexico, and Texas.

River otters can live in freshwater or coastal marine habitats like river, lakes, and marshes. They build dens in the burrows of other mammals or natural hollows like under a log. Their diets mainly consist of  fish, frogs, crayfish, and small mammals.

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River otters live alone or in family groups. They are known as playful animals and like to slide in the snow and play in the water! Many “play” activities actually serve a purpose – like strengthening social bonds and practicing hunting techniques.

Here Are Some Fun Facts:·

  • North American river otters can stay under water for up to 8 minutes.
  • · They are great swimmers and also fast on land being able to run up to 18 MPH!
  • · River otters are have an outer coat of coarse guard hairs plus a thick undercoat to help them be “water proof”!

Thanks to Haley from the Lake Superior Zoo for all the helpful information about these little fur balls. Make sure to stop by and visit them today!

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