As each season rolls around in this bizarre year, we deal with new shortages that pop up. Early in the spring I remember there being huge shortages of outdoor equipment such as bikes, roller blades, trampolines, fishing gear, camping gear, boats, and everything else that had to do with getting out of the house.

COVID-19 has caused such a shift in consumer demands that shortages in certain goods have become common place. Some of it has to do with demand, but there could be some other reasons. For example I mentioned that glass shortages are behind the lack of availability of Claussen pickles. Bizarre, right?

This last weekend I was made aware of another hot item right now: used ice skates. The lakes have finally frozen up after a warm stretch and people have been flocking to them across the state. I have a friend who invited us up to Pike Lake to go ice skating on Sunday. I brought my daughter along and she didn't have any skates. This was going to be her first real time, so we went to Play it Again Sports to get a cheap used pair. No parent wants to spend $60 on a pair of new skates if they aren't going to like it. Not to mention they'll only fit for this year.

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We were really lucky to find ice skates that fit her. I was talking with the employee that helped me and he said they've been flooded in the last week of people coming in for used skates. There was a line of people in the skates department with their kids looking for skates. We found a pair and got them "put in line" for sharpening. They had someone in the back full time working on sharpening skates.

We got out to Pike Lake and I could see why there's been a run on skates. There were a lot of people out there. Cars were lined up along Midway road for blocks. Fortunately groups were spread out and people were avoiding other groups. I have to say it was a lot of fun, and it's nice seeing people that otherwise wouldn't be getting outdoors enjoying a break outside of the house.

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