Back in the early part of 2021, we learned that LA's Place Family Restaurant in Pike Lake went up for sale. The restaurant, which was built in 1963, shut down, and the property remained pretty quiet after hitting the market.

Located near the intersection of Miller Trunk Highway (US 53) and Midway Road, right next to Fisherman's Corner, the property stands as a valuable, high-visibility location for a business in the Pike Lake community.

After hearing that there had been some activity at the property, I decided to do some investigating into what might be going on at the former restaurant.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Who bought the LA's Place Family Restaurant property?

In digging around, I discovered that the property had actually sold back in May of 2023. According to information from St. Louis County, the old LA's Place property at 5671 Miller Trunk Highway was purchased by Miller Creek Property Investments LLC for $180,000 - short of the $385,000 asking price listed back in January of 2021.

Online data indicates Miller Creek Property Investments LLC is under the same ownership umbrella as Miller Creek Lawn & Landscape, which has an office just down the road at 5350 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown.

What is being done with the old LA's Place Family Restaurant location?

Google Street View
Google Street View

Based on information published on the commercial property website LoopNet, this property looks like it is being transformed into a new type of business space, and doesn't appear to be revitalized as a new restaurant. At least, not in its entirety.

Rather, it looks like it is going to be converted into a multi-suite office/business complex. This could leave room for a coffee shop or eatery to become part of the overall new offering.

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In the information, they explain that this property, "formerly a beloved restaurant, is undergoing a stunning transformation to become a modern office complex."

They go on to explain in the post "With a strategic location and contemporary design, this space offers an ideal setting for businesses looking to thrive in this area."

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The listing explains that the property will undergo a full makeover, providing "a sleek, contemporary design aesthetic" that will "offer a range of suite sizes, catering to various business needs".

What will this new complex offer?


The LoopNet listing says the new property will offer three different office suites that can be custom-built for tenants.

The largest suite, Office Suite 1 will be 2,737 square feet. Office Suites 2 and 3 will each be 1,827 square feet.

This total space will be larger than the footprint of the old restaurant, which was 3,145 square feet. From the look of the building renderings, they will likely extend the building's footprint to the east, along Old Miller Trunk Highway.

When will this new complex open?

The LoopNet listing says they anticipate availability for tenants to be on March 1, 2024.

At this time, there are no known tenants, but we'll keep an eye on things and share more as information becomes available.

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